Monday, October 26, 2009

Really - 3 months?

Wow - - so I am busy, busy, busy - better than boredom Right? Ah, what's new? Well, I officially have a sport now and luckily my husband and I share it - - - yes, we love guns. Thanks to Dad, Juli, Dr. Baird, Jacque, Aunt Jan, I got that first introduction and that was all it took. Our trip to Front Sight last month sealed the deal and Ken and I are lifetime members. We will be going down next month for the four-day defensive handgun course with the 30 state concealed permit class. What a way to spend our 31st anniversary. As much as I ADORE the CHIEF, I really felt I needed to enter the Semi-Auto world so I will be taking over Ken's 9 mm XDM and we found him a 40 cal XDM The CHIEF is loaded with defense rounds somewhere in the house ready for any intruder. Got a BIG safe down the basement bolted to the floor, so we have guns upstairs and down - loaded for bear. Another development - - - the ole gallbladder is coming out next wednesday - hooray!!! I have HAD IT with feeling sick and in pain for the last 6 weeks. Enough of that. Should be healed up nicely in time to go shooting:)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Peek a Boo

Lindsay went in this afternoon to find that Keely has learned to pull down her bumper pads.

Wow Busy Summer - We just got home from Youth Conference.

This says it all, the kids had fun one and all - - -
The lovely J all decked out in her helmet and - life vest? The staff said they were for the 10 foot deep river the horses would need to swim across. I am guessing to prevent severe back, rib, chest injury when being bucked off.
Off into the sunset!

This is the lovely Tigger from the rider's (my) point of view. A very tall orange horse with a bad reputation (I am a glutton for punishment). Tigger did quite well under my firm and confident hand. Only once did he reach back and try to bite my leg. I gave him a nice little tug on the reins. At the end of the ride, the staff girl came up to us and was going to help me dismount then said, "oh, you may want to wait." Tigger had the last word as he relieved himself just before I had to step off his back, creating a nice little mud puddle just below me.
Yes that is a lovely shot of me - at the top of a hill/mountain - something in between. Our YM Pres., me and the Laurel advisor heard that there were fossils at the top of this mountain - - the youth looked up and felt like they would rather go canoeing, horseback riding or swimming. Hmmm, silly kids.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Party

It was cold and wet, snowing like crazy but Dr. Baird closed the office for a couple of hours and we all went downtown on trax to the Tea Party on Wednesday. Contrary to the "left wing" media, it was a patriotic, heartwarming event. Many, many people braved the cold and wet to support the values that made our country great! We just want to keep it that way. Wish we had gotten a pic of Nick's t-shirt . . . this is the only picture I got . . . thanks, Michelle.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keely and the Bunny

Found this funny little purple bunny at the easter clearance cart at Smith's. Lindsay says that Keely loves it and needed it to go to sleep with last night. Isn't she just a cutie!!! I'm a grandma, I can say that!!!! Well, she IS cute.

Grateful Tonight

It's Tuesday. Got this photo on my phone yesterday. Finally heard the whole story tonight. Mark went down to the dunes this weekend with his quad and some friends. I think the whole world goes there on spring break. It's down by Delta, I guess a massive collection of sand dunes and such. He tried a very high jump a couple of times and decided he needed to give it more juice so the last time really gave it the gas and found himself flying . . . . HIGH . . .! Sounded like some sort of suspended animation as the quad flew way past the landing spot then just fell straight down to the ground . . . he thinks he must have been about 40 feet up. He adjusted his boots so when he landed his legs wouldn't come off the pegs and break but didn't estimate the strength it would take to hold his face away from the handle bars. As I type I just can't help but be a little anxious . . . . hmmm. Anyway, his goggles and helmet took a lot of the blow. He spent some time with the on-site EMTs as they watched his blood pressure and the one girl got really nervous about his pupils. BP finally went down and pupils were responding. This was Friday and he spent the rest of the weekend mechanicking on his friends bikes and didn't really have the desire to do much more riding. Of course I know none of this until yesterday . . . just wondered why the uneasy feeling all weekend. Final diagnosis . . . broken nose, nothing they can do but give him some pain pills and he needs to watch the concussion symptoms. A lucky lucky, blessed, blessed man. Ken has suggested knitting, quilting, sewing, gardening, fishing, ceramics or tole painting as new hobbies for Mark.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Music was blasting, three girls packed in the bathroom, time running out.

So they primped and teased, tried this and that - with jewelry, a flower in the hair
Hurry hurry hurry, the dates will be here any minute and just as Natalie says "I hate those dreaded words, 'they're here!' her mom chirps from upstairs, "They're here!" and then squeals break out from all three girls. What fun. Do they even realize the significance? Three friends since they were babies, going together to their last prom. All three will graduate in a few short weeks. What a neat time.
And to my relief, the dress was finished right down to the pink Converse
And the gorgeous wrist corsage . . .
We made the deadline
And she liked the dress!